Startup of the week : TRIPOTO.COM

Tripoto is a user based travel search engine and social media platform which uses the user-generated content. The website was launched in October 2013 by founders Anirudh Gupta and Michael Pargal Lyngdoh. In January 2015, they launched the Android and IOS application to give a better experience to the users and expand their mobile base. Tripoto allows users and bloggers to write travel anecdotes and experiences which can be read by other users.

How does Tripoto work?

Travellers and bloggers share their detailed travel stories along with photographs on a map based interface. These itineraries and stories are well presented and easy to understand. They reach out to a highly targeted audience of avid travellers and people who love to read about travel.

Users can see the trip itinerary with all the places in the trip plotted on the map with associated images and descriptions. They can share their own itinerary as well. Apart from that, users can also search for Destinations, Hotels, Flights, travel Guides and Tourist Attractions as well. The user interface is quite easy to use.

Revenue Streams and Funding :-

Tripoto’s revenue streams are quite similar to that of Tripadvisor. It earns revenue through advertising, affiliate marketing and generating leads.

In 2014, Tripoto raised a seed investment of 4 lac USD from angel investors led by Outbox Ventures, including Snapdeal’s Founders Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal and Sachin Bhatia of Trulymadly. In March 2015, the company raised another round of investment from IDG Ventures. In October 2015 Tripoto raises its third round of funds from IDG Ventures and 500 Startups.

As of now, Tripoto has more than 1 lac downloads on Google play store.

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